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Apply for Advanced Leadership Institute

How to apply for the 2019 Advanced Leadership Institute:

1. Notify your advisor of your interest in the Institute.

2. Register as a participant by filling out the online Registration form. Then follow the given link to the separate, online ALI Application and answer the given questions. (There is no additional cost to participate in ALI.)

3. To complete your application, once you register for the conference and complete the online ALI Application, submit a current resume and professional head shot to sbslc.ali@gmail.com. When your resume and head shot have been received you will receive a confirmation email from the Directors of ALI.

Advisors are encouraged to nominate students with great potential for the Advanced Leadership Institute.

For information or with any questions, please contact Arielle Lewis at sbslc.ali@gmail.com.

The deadline to apply for ALI is Saturday, December 22, 2018.