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About Charles E. Williams II

Charles E. Williams II, know as “Charlie,” was born in Galveston, Texas on March 11, 1978 to two loving parents, Charles Edward and Jessie Mae Williams and four adoring siblings. Nurtured in a warm and caring home environment, Charles learned at an early age the value of family and community. His competitiveness and drive for continued self-improvement was evident throughout his primary years as he developed both his artistic and literary talents. While being involved with his Uncle’s church, Charles developed and maintained an enduring spiritual foundation that would carry him throughout his life.Charles completed his secondary education at Ball High School, his alma mater. Charles worked during the summer months for the city of Galveston as an intern to the City Manager.

In 1996, Charles matriculated into Texas A&M University. At Texas A&M University, he was elected Chairman of the University Hearing Board and Judicial Board Chairman of the Student Government Association. He also served as Co-program Coordinator for Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., and member of the Phi Delta Alpha Pre-Law Fraternity. It was in 1997 that Charles lost one of his biggest supporters to cancer, his mother. He returned to Texas A&M coping with his loss.

In 1998, Charles was diagnosed with Leukemia. As his competitiveness got the best of him, Charles immediately began to learn more about his condition and rapidly became a noted volunteer lecture for the Cancer Awareness Forum of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Never to be conquered by adversity, Charles remained focused on achieving his goals both career and personal. It would be accurate to say that Charles viewed leukemia as not only a challenge but as an opportunity to reach into his inner soul, find that most precious part of himself and find new ways to address his life so that his mind, body and spirit were as one.

Charles enrolled in the University of Houston to continue his studies while under going treatments at M.D. Anderson Hospital. From August to December 1999, he served as direct assistant to City of Houston Council member Carroll G. Robinson, where he conducted extensive economic and social research, delved into speech writing, and learned to deal with the concerns of constituents.

After remission of his illness, he returned to Texas A&M University. One month later, he organized and presented a forum on Cancer Awareness to the students of Texas A&M University. His personal doctors were his guest speakers.

Prior to his graduation, in his senior year at Texas A&M, Charles was unfortunately killed in an automobile accident, March 3, 2000. In August 2000, the family of Charles E. Williams II received his degree and his ring crest posthumously from the College of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M University.

Charles leaves a legacy that is filled with determination, conviction and immeasurable faith. Charles E. Williams II was one such leader, and his life serves as an example to all who seek betterment for themselves and their communities. For this reason, the Charles Edward Williams II Advanced Leadership Institute has been established. It is the expressed desire of Charles E. Williams, Sr. and the entire Williams family, that students of all faiths, socio-economic, racial and cultural backgrounds take an example of leadership from Charles as their own. Hopefully, to find purpose and vision in life, to assist others without regard to personal gain, to maintain an enduring sense of faith in every facet of life and to allow one’s behavior to be an inspiring example of becoming a true leader.

Charles E. Williams II